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Purple Glow

STARs Connecting

The success of the STAR Training the Trainers Programme has proven to encourage & empower others  in setting up their own STAR group in their neighbourhood.


Everyone who completes the training is invited to bi-monthly STARs Connecting Network meetings to connect with each other, share stories of challenges and of any successes, and offer support and guidance to each other.  Alongside this, everyone is encouraged to bring along ideas about further training and support.   The STARs Connecting Network aims to provide a much needed harness to support such dedicated and ethically caring people who give their time to do good for others who are going through bereavement or difficult transition in their lives.

The following map (work in progress) illustrates local emerging STAR Bereavement Peer Support Groups which are either: (RED stars) in the early stages of setting up a group, (AMBER stars) approaching the final stages of setting up, and (YELLOW with BLUE outline stars) currently running and open to the public

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