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The model of a STAR Bereavement Peer-Support Group was initiated and set up, in October 2019, using an Asset-based Community Development approach (ABCD). Jan Massiah (aka Perry), a Community Development Practitioner / Project Lead reached out to a wide range of local residents in Stockwood, Bristol.  Jan was also a resident in Stockwood.  Local residents expressed an interest and came together to form a community group and were empowered to lay strong foundations to make the model self-sustainable. The group became known as STAR (Share, Talk & Remember).

The Stockwood STAR was recognised, by so many, as a fantastic community asset giving added value to public health and providing an opportunity for local people to support each other in their own community. The benefits for everyone involved were and continue to be amazing!

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Jan is a Freelance Trainer and Community Development Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience of working in Community Development and the Adult Education & Life-long Learning sector. Jan has substantial experience of setting up and delivering a plethora of engagement activities which enable people to recognise their gifts & talents, explore opportunities to develop and share their skills, knowledge & experiences, and empower people to provide peer support to others.

Jan is also an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Trainer and advocates this approach to anybody working & supporting community development, especially with a view to focusing on sustainability of community projects.


Drawing on all of the knowledge and experience gained throughout her career in training & facilitating community group activities, Jan has pulled together the most valuable and engaging ingredients that have demonstrated positive change to participants in their learning journey; Jan embedded them into the STAR training making this an enjoyable learning experience which aims to inspire all participants to be motivated to move forward to reach their goal of setting up a peer support group in their neighbourhood.

In addition to the STAR Training, Jan manages a comprehensive training programme of short courses and workshops, including Dementia Awareness (Living with Dementia), Happiness & Aspirations (Health & Well-being), Grow Your Group (setting up generic community groups), ABCD (Asset Based Community Development), Story Telling.   


If you would like to find out more about contracting Jan to deliver any training, please contact her by email:

Jan Massiah (aka Perry)

STAR Network Manager & Freelance Trainer


Jan wrote the STAR Training the Trainers Programme which illustrates the model of the Stockwood STAR (the first STAR Bereavement Peer Support Group in Bristol).

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