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Answer to following question:

Who delivers training to the support team when they are newly formed?

When you’ve established the ‘assets’ that exist within your team, you may identify somebody in your team who has had training in particular subjects that you may find useful to share – if they are happy to deliver training and share their knowledge, that’s absolutely fine.The person who initiated the first STAR Group (in Stockwood, Bristol) had many years of experience in working in diverse communities and in adult education; she was able to deliver training and share experiences, within the team covering the following:


  • Basic awareness of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

  • Fundamental aspects of ‘Growing a Community Group’ including establishing core work ethics and producing ‘terms of reference’ to give the group a strong foundation.

  • Group facilitation strategies including communication skills, questioning, conflict resolution,

  • Safeguarding awareness

  • Basic awareness of Grief and bereavement theories and models


If however, you identify that there are lots of things that you need training or support in, and you don’t have the means within the team, it’s a great opportunity to make connections with support agencies/organisations and such like to ask somebody to come forward and deliver training to your group.  It obviously depends on the training you need; there is so much help out there and people willing offer their knowledge/skills to support you – you just need to identify them when you do your community asset mapping.

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