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Answer to following question:

How does the Peer Support Group differ from other bereavement support organisations?

  • It is set up BY local people, FOR local people.  Run by local people who volunteer their time and commitment to help others in their own community.

  • Offers PEER Support and understanding. 

  • It does not rely on funding

  • It is not a charity, a registered public service, or a statutory service – it is a community voluntary peer support group/entity

  • No waiting list – people can join the very next session (once they have had an informal 2:1 induction)

  • No time limit on how long people can attend

  • Does not offer counselling, advice or guidance

  • Flexible approach which is reactive to the needs of participants

  • Focuses on being self-sustaining and involving service users to become engaged in the peer support which strengthens the group in many ways.

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