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Answer to following question:

If you don’t live in the community that you intend to set up the Peer Support Group, how can you find out what exists within the community in order to make the connections and map the assets?

It is very important that you use a variety of ways to identify what exists within your community and on the edge.  A few starting points include:


  • doing a 'walk-about' in your neighbourhood and surrounding area to share the news of your intentions to initiate a peer support group and collect contact details of everyone willing to support you

  • research on the internet to find:

  •                your local councillor,

  • local authority community development worker(s),

  • explore the website which hosts information about various community groups and support agencies within a particular postcode – Wellaware:

  • sign up to the social media platform, ‘Next Door’ to explore events, community groups and initiatives in the area:

  • sign up to/link up with local Facebook forums

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